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Canada Media Fund helps local game developers boot up
Creative Bytes Studios receives over $90,000 in development funding.

Tamara Jensen

As part of the first round of its 2015-2016 Experimental Stream funding, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) recently announced a contribution of more than $6.2-million in development and marketing support to innovative digital media projects. Creative Bytes Studios, a portfolio company at the Generator at one interactive digital media facility, was successful in its application for over $90,000 in development funding toward a new project. The puzzle platforming adventure game for PC has the player control a mysterious creature that has the power to split into Light and Dark Spirits to save their species and restore balance to their fantastical world.

Development support through CMF’s Experimental Stream provides funding for the conceptualization of an eligible project, and/or for the development of the creative and technical elements of an eligible project and the drafting of a product proposal for business development and financing purposes. Paul Caporicci, CEO of Creative Bytes Studios, is grateful for the funding, adding, “Since the studio and Canadian Media Fund both contribute funds for development, it allows us to focus entirely on the project, instead of trying to balance working on the game with other jobs on the side.”

The CMF development funding will go toward making a vertical slice for the project. Caporicci explains, “A vertical slice is a small portion of the game that will look and play like the final game.  We expect this vertical slice will resolve any remaining technical or style issues before the game goes into production.”

Since 2010, the CMF has contributed $58.7-million in development and marketing support to 263 interactive digital media projects as part of the Experimental Stream. Indie game developers and Innovate Niagara clients SHG Studios recently announced $494,000 in funding from the CMF for a groundbreaking new Intellectual Property, due for release in the fall of 2016. Managing Director of SHG Studios Colin Ferguson said, “The team pulled out all of the stops to ensure our vision of the project was effectively communicated to the CMF. My thanks goes out to the team and to the CMF for their insight into the potential the project and SHG Studios have.”

The CMF application is highly competitive; Caporicci and the Creative Bytes team are grateful for the assistance they received from Innovate Niagara’s Business Analysts, saying, “Innovate Niagara was critical to the success of our application. This is the first time we have applied for funding and the Canadian Media Fund is extremely competitive.“ Caporicci adds, “Innovate Niagara was able to provide insight into how to best prepare and answer questions for our application based on their experience of helping other companies with successful applications.”

Blake Landry, Senior Business Analyst at Innovate Niagara, cautions that, “applicants should not leave anything up to the interpretation of the application reviewers,” and applications should follow the structure and requirements of the application documents to a tee. Landry recommends that applicants allow at least two months for drafting their applications, making sure to work with advisors in order to put their best possible application forward.

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