St. Catharines Club

uring the month of August, the Club has been both a month of planning and excitement as we reopened from our annual two week summer closure to a very busy Club…..A big congratulations to Chris Bonelli (Wise Girls Chair) and Holly Mundula (First Ontario Credit Union) of Wise Girls for another successful Tee Party!!....The Club recently held our first Designer Bag Bingo which was a success and a big thank you goes out to all of our sponsors for donating the Designer Bags to make the event happen….another example of our wonderful membership community we have here at the club!....our Club Golf Tournament is quickly approaching on September 11th, at Rockway Vineyards (Tony Haney) make sure to get your foursomes in! Interested in the Club? The St. Catharines Club offers very competitive membership pricing and is a wonderful place for both family and networking!....Contact the Club for more details…. Feel free to post pictures from around the Club on our Facebook page or mention and follow us on Twitter @StCathClub #theplacetobe BL



Saturday September 23rd

Grape and Wine Parade

Sunday October 8th

Thanksgiving Brunch