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Powering Up
St. Catharines` AMSi Inc. is growing into a leader in the design and manufacture of custom electrical power products.


There`s a new kid on the block in the Niagara business community―but it won`t be a kid much longer the way it`s growing.
Applied Modern System Integration Inc.―better known as AMSi―is a diverse Canadian firm, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of custom electrical power products.
Based out of St. Catharines, AMSi has experienced exponential growth since it first opened its doors back in January of 2015. AMSi originally started out with 10 employees and sales of $1.5-million. Now, just under two years later, the firm has already seen its sales and staff triple.
Bassam Ali, president of AMSi Inc., says he and his team have been very successful so far because they can produce custom engineered projects that suit their customers` exact needs.
“We provide our customers with complete integrated turnkey solutions,” he explains. “And our products are developed using the most innovative and technologically advanced methods on the market today.”

Premium Products

Since its inception, AMSi has designed and manufactured a wide range of custom power equipment including low and medium voltage switchgear, protection and control equipment, modular pre-fabricated electrical buildings (E-Houses), and various special electrical products.
“Our goal is to provide the most extensive line of products for our customers,” Bassam says. “That way we can make their experience with customized power equipment as easy as possible.”
One area where AMSi is in particular demand is in the development and manufacture of pre-fabricated electrical buildings (E-Houses). AMSi has designed and built dozens of these prefabricated modular indoor/outdoor enclosures which are created to house power distribution equipment such as switchgear, low and medium voltage starters, power transformers, protection and control equipment, and various other electrical and mechanical equipment.
AMSi`s products are developed by a specialized team that runs the gamut from professional engineers and technologists to project managers and designers. The AMSi team has the ability to develop custom electrical products that are fully integrated—not to mention pre-wired, tested and commissioned before they`re shipped.
Bassam says AMSi prides itself on its ability to be a one-stop-shop for its customers.
“Most of our competitors only specialize in one area,” he says, “but we do everything in-house here. And that really differentiates us from the rest of the marketplace.”

Quality Is Key
At AMSi, Bassam and his team have made it a point to maintain the highest level of quality control in every component they produce.
“We build quality into every stage of our production,” he explains, “from conception and design all the way to manufacturing and testing.”
AMSi ensures that quality in a number of ways—whether it`s using specialized instruments to perform inspections, inspecting incoming materials, making a functional test of all products before they`re shipped
In the first six months of its existence, AMSi implemented several welding and quality systems. AMSi has now been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, certified in Division 2 under CSA Standard W47.1, and certified for CSA-A660. AMSi`s products are also built to comply with a long line of exacting regulations including NEMA, CSA, ANSI, NEC and IEEE standards, and the National Building Code.
That desire for quality also extends to the AMSi team which has over 60 years of collective experience in the industry. Over the past two years, AMSi has been dedicated to hiring the most talented and highly-trained individuals around. But their specialists also upgrade their skills and qualifications on a constant basis in order to keep up with the constant wave of changes in the technical industry.
“In this business, quality control is key,” Bassam says, “so we adhere to the most rigid industry standards at every level.”

Safe and Secure
From the very beginning, AMSi has had a deep respect for the well-being of its people—and that`s reflected in its safe and injury-free work environment. For example, AMSi Inc. is committed to making sure all its employees and contractors work in accordance with the latest Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act codes and regulations.
“We`ve put a number of systems and controls in place so our team can perform in the safest and most professional manner possible,” Bassam explains. “We have an extensive health and safety program and are dedicated to a policy of continuous safety improvement.”

A World of Opportunities
Since 2015, AMSi`s growth hasn`t been restricted by the need to serve one particular market.
To date, AMSi has developed designed and manufactured products for a wide range of customers including the mining, chemical, and oil and gas industries. The firm`s products have also proven ideal for the power generation market which includes nuclear and renewable energies like hydro, wind, solar and biomass production.
More recently, AMSi has continued expanding its scope, doing work for several multi-million dollar firms like Hydro One, GE & Alstom Grid, Siemens, Eaton, and Nalcor Energy in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as some major substation construction contractors.
As times goes on, AMSi is hoping to grow its business and become a bigger player. Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of custom electrical products in the global marketplace. But Bassam says they`re also proud to call Niagara home.
“We`re glad to be part of the Niagara Region,” he says. “There are good people here and we`ve had a lot of support from the local business community. They`re one of the big reasons behind our success.” BL