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Would your staff pay to come to your sales meeting?

“Leave them feeling like they would happily reach into their pockets for five bucks to be there.”


As a new sales manager, it didn’t take long for me to realize that our bi-weekly team meetings had become painful. Well, let me be brutally honest: they “sucked.” I fell into the habit—like most sales managers out there—of going over the boring administrative announcements and talking about whatever the company needed me to pass along to my sales team.

As I would ramble on, I would look at my sales team glazed-over eyes and was certain that they had tuned me out within the first five minutes of each meeting. It was obvious that they spent more time looking at their Blackberrys than listening to what I had to say.

As a manager, our jobs are to coach, inspire, and lead. I had an opportunity every second Friday to coach and inspire my team during those meetings. So why wasn’t I? The answer is simple: I was not prepared. I realized I was just doing what my previous managers had done in our boring, crappy bi-weekly sales meetings.

When I asked myself the question: “If I charged five dollars to come to my meetings and not make them mandatory would anyone show up?” The answer in my head was a resounding “No.”

So I knew I had to make a change and quickly.

My next sales meeting I challenged myself to make the meeting fun, inspiring, and full of energy so that my team would all leave so excited that they would be ready to make a sale on the way home.

Here is what I did:
Morning Joke – I asked one of my reps to come to the meeting prepared with a joke or a funny story from the week.

2. Bragging time – I gave each member of my sales team an opportunity to share a success from the week. I figured this would set a “successful” tone to the meeting.

3. Frustrations Shared – For two or three minutes each rep shared any issues they may be having, and wrote them down on a sheet for all to see.

4. Frustrations Solved – I hold a roundtable on these frustrations to let everyone help each other out and offer solutions the problem.

5. Sales Lesson – For thirty minutes I delivered a sales lesson on anything related to sales: attitude, power questions, better networking, prospecting, follow-up, presentations skills, etc.

6. Prospect Review – I had my team discuss their top five prospecting opportunities, and review where they are in the process, and what their goal is for that prospect in the week ahead.

7. Next Week – I had each person say what he or she will accomplish next week with respect to their sales efforts and have them write it down.

8. The Big Finish! – I ended the meeting on a very positive note. This can be something different every meeting. For example, I may read something positive, or show an inspiring video. You can find hundreds of great video clips on Youtube). I made sure to leave my team with a message that left them fully energized and ready to take on the world.

By simply changing up my sales meetings and lessons every time, it made for a “winning” atmosphere. It involved everyone, challenged the group, and created a positive mindset for the next weeks’ sales success.

Moving forward I challenge you to stop having boring sales meeting and start having sales meetings where your team leaves inspired, and wanting to come back for more. Leave them feeling like they would happily reach into their pockets for five bucks to be there.

Brett Meadows is one of the few Canadian Gitomer-Certified Advisors and is the Only Crazy Canuck of Sales. Brett trains, sells, and speaks to companies and associations all over the country. To book Brett for your next event, please visit or contact at Train With Meadows via email at or by calling 289.696.3605.