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"Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people that are looking up for you find you." Dan Harman


Here’s the thing. If you are at this point, you have more clarity and keeping it to yourself will not serve you. Your what and why is what connects you to others and the world. Putting it out there brings it to life. If you’re not sharing your why then the world is not being helped by you and we all are wired to want to contribute to a part of something bigger than ourselves.  The lifestyle that we enjoy is the direct result of everyday people sharing their art, taking action, looking foolish, failing and believing in their dream. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Frodo Baggins risked failure, ridicule and embarrassment to pursue what mattered most to them. They didn’t have it all figured out. Actually they didn’t know what the hell they were doing either, but they all knew why.  They had a burning desire deep inside of them that had to be realized in their brief lifetime. They didn’t do it for glory, power or jewellery; they did it because they believed in something bigger than their current reality. They believed they could create their reality through action, belief, desire and persistence.  They harnessed an energy that is accessible to all of us if we just learn how to tap into it. 
The key is to share and tell. We are all born as co-creators and live in a universe of limitless potential. We live in a world governed by the laws and a powerful energy that connects us all. 
Most people are afraid to share as a result of the reactions that may come from others. This is what truly separates the performers from the spectators.  Performers cast their intention out into the world. They share and tell without hesitation of what others think. Are you tired of living your life caring so much about what others might think? Most of them will not show up at your funeral, so are you ready to step in, share and tell the world why the hell you exist? What is inside of you, that you’re craving to share and tell? What if you mastered your inside voice? What if today you decided to strengthen yourself so that you no longer need others to validate your dreams? Life is a journey of mastering the art of disciplining your inner-voice and developing that inner-strength. Along the way, as you share and tell with others, you will encounter set backs and disappointments. So what? Set an intention to discipline your disappointments by seeing each one as a stepping stone. As we share with the world, don’t expect them to change. As you live through the energy of your why, you will come to change the way you see the world, and that’s a miracle. Turn your head and focus your sights on the end prize of what you desire to create. Don’t let anything else distract you from your purpose and from your mission; you don’t have any time to waste. You no longer need to wait for the stars to align or for more signs to appear. The only sign you need is GO. 
I meet so many people that tell me they want to change their life but they’re always waiting for "something" and "someday" to show up. Signs are just other forms of distractions and the need for external validation. Sharing your why now is in your control. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be real.  Your imperfection is what makes you so perfect! When you share with passion and purpose, you can’t say the wrong thing. You are the driver of your life.  You set the course, make the choices, respond, take action, accelerate, ride the bumps, and manoeuvre the curves. The universe responds to action just as much as it does to inaction. The energy of the universe doesn’t distinguish between positive or negative thoughts. It doesn’t play favourites and it cares very little of your status in society. It responds to your thoughts and energy, minute-by-minute and in return sends you people, circumstances and events. There is no pause button.  Each moment-by-moment decision and action is either taking your life up or down. Ferociously fixate on what you wish to experience as if your life depended on it, because it does. Believe that it’s possible. Share your intention with the world and reaffirm it everyday with powerful suggestions to your mind. The universe responds by reflecting what you feel and think on the inside, so work on yourself each day! If you live each day with negative energy, self-doubt, mistrust in others, fear and a lack of gratitude for the special gifts in your life, then your wish is truly your command. You can only receive what you dish out. You really have only two choices: to live with love or to live with fear. There’s no grey area here. You can choose to live with love for who you are, what you are here to create and share in this world. You can choose the people you surround yourself with and those that you choose to share your special gifts with.  
So what will you share? It’s that soft chewy centre inside of you. Its everything you want to be. It’s why you exist, the purpose you have in this world and the outcomes you wish to create. It’s always been there. What you choose to share becomes your legacy and your mark on the world. It’s the song you need to sing, that verse you need to compose and the innovation that will shift the world’s energy. We can marvel at all those who share themselves with the world and we can become inspired by them to know that this also exists within ourselves. Each day, we experience these gifts of sharing; they are miracles.  The books that strengthen our awareness and understanding of the world. The performers that choose to share and tell and inspire beauty. When you don’t share then no one is aware. Sharing brings it to life! Good artists copy, great artists steal and the people that don’t know what the hell they are doing, share their genius with the world regardless of what others say; your why is your art. It’s time to be real with what you want to create in this world before you no longer have that opportunity. BL

Gerry Visca is the #Why Guy, a contributor to The Business Link, one of Canada`s top inspirational speakers, the author of 13 books, including the hit seller: I Don`t Know What the Hell I`m Doing and the founding publisher of Defyeneurs® MAG.  
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